Bajeko Sekuwa Expands with 17th Outlet Opening in Jorpati

Bajeko Sekuwa Expands with 17th Outlet Opening in Jorpati

Bajeko Sekuwa | 2023-07-17

Bajeko Sekuwa, the beloved Nepali sekuwa restaurant chain, has reached a new milestone with the launch of its 17th outlet in Jorpati. The latest addition to the Bajeko Sekuwa family brings the brand's renowned flavors and culinary traditions to the bustling neighborhood.

Diners can expect the same delectable sekuwa menu that has garnered a loyal following across Nepal. The succulent meats, grilled to perfection and infused with traditional spices, promise an authentic and tantalizing experience.

The Jorpati outlet offers a welcoming ambiance, providing a comfortable setting for customers to enjoy their meals with friends and family. Reflecting Nepali culture, the interior decor adds a touch of charm and authenticity to the dining experience.

Bajeko Sekuwa's expansion into Jorpati highlights its commitment to community engagement and growth. By establishing a presence in this vibrant neighborhood, the restaurant aims to contribute to the local community's prosperity.

Residents of Jorpati and nearby areas can now savor the delightful sekuwa specialties that have made Bajeko Sekuwa a beloved name in Nepali cuisine. With its 17th outlet, the restaurant chain continues to cater to the sekuwa cravings of food enthusiasts throughout the nation.

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